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Employee Information & Emergency Contact Sheet (Please Print) Please complete all applicable information Name: Social Security Number: Address: Home Phone Number: ( ) Cell Phone Number: ( ) Marital
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oh hey everybody welcome into this Adobe Lightroom tutorial brought to you as always bye Tutt VidCon now today we're going to talk about contact sheets how you can create them in Lightroom and export them to a PDF I'm going to show you three count that one to three different ways to create contact sheets in Adobe Lightroom all slightly different ways and maybe we'll shoot different techniques depending on what you want to do so let's jump in and take a look at how you can create a contact sheet in Adobe Lightroom today so the first technique is over here we want to go to the print module there's two different ways to export contact sheets to the print module and I'm going to show you them both right here right now what we can do once we jump over to the print module I have just a collection here with ten photos in it I'm going to go to Lightroom templates right over here I'm choosing Lightroom templates and you can choose any one of these you can see there's all kinds of different options some of them are really really helpful you can go like two by two cells you can see there we go now part of the problem is right down here I have in the use area selected photos as my selection I want to choose all filmstrip photos note that you can also by the way choose flagged photos if you're working from a huge assortment of photos and you really only want to send your selects to the client which would probably be your flagged photos in this case I'm going to say look all ten photos in my filmstrip and you can see voila it fills out all of my cells with photos now I can over here change the page grid so I can increase and go like hey I want to go three rows or or maybe only one row whatever it is I'm going to just stick with two by two though there are a couple things here open image settings you can choose zoom to fill which you can see what that does don't really like that because it adjusts the crop of the photo and when you send it off to the clients you really want them to see exactly what the photo is rotate to fill okay this can be useful especially if you're going to print out your contact sheet and send or bring it to the clients you can physically look over everything but if I'm sending a PDF or something via email I never turn rotate to fill on I want you to be able to look at it on your screen straight up and not have it not have it all funky I'll repeat one photo per page you can see what that does basically each page is going to just be you know four up of the same photo not really what in this case you can throw a stroke on it if you like you can increase the margins so this would just you know increase the left margin click increase the right margin whatever you want to do I'm going to set this back to 02 farms or 025 there we go and then page grid we went over that now you can do cell spacing this is kind of cool so you can see there's no space between the vertical...